First Line Factory
Who are we?
Established in 2009, we have worked with everyone from Novice to Professional Athletes.
Our Mission is to build strong, confident athletes that are built to perform when it counts.
The First Line Factory was founded by Evan Lindsay.  A 2 time WHL All-Star, that went onto be drafted and signed by the Montreal Canadiens. 
That led to 7 years of Professional Hockey in the ECHL, AHL and British Elite Leagues.
Our team of great coaches brings a wealth of experience to get you into the game!
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Chance Henderson
Measured 116% increase in strength in 14 Weeks.
"My experience was nothing short of amazing."
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Rod Dallman, former NHL Hockey Player
"Son, this will get you to the next level.  Tyson was ready to move the next level after training at Saskpro!"